b'again (bicycles this time). He has already completed two duathlons and is training to participate in the 50-mile Tour de Tucson bike ride in November 2020. As for his other goals for the future, Connor hopes to remain as healthy as he can, get back into the workforce, and stay active in volunteer opportunities. This Connor andhas included involvement with the Brain his youngerInjury Alliance of Arizona. Connor had ex-sistersperience with the Brain Injury Association graduation of New York when living there and imme-diately sought to get connected with the BIAAZ when he moved to Arizona about three years ago. He has attended multiple BIAAZ conferences, participated in the Tucson Concussion Run, and volunteered with BIAAZ projects like Unmasking Brain Injury. He also currently serves as a mem-ber of BIAAZs committee for The Noggin. Connor says he hopes to volunteer for more BIAAZ events in Tucson in the future. In addition to this, Connor has gotten in-volved with the Alzheimers Association as a result of his late grandmothers experi-ence with the disease, and with the Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona after his own recent lupus diagnosis. As a result of his TBI, Connor has en-dured and overcome many challenges. He credits his experience with brain injury with making him a harder worker and a more compassionate person. I now strive to reach goals that I would have shied away from had I not had this accident, he says. I make an effort now to help others in Connor keepsany way possible, whereas I dont believe up the pacethis would have been the case without at the BIAAZhaving gone through what I have. While 2019 Tucson Concussionhe realizes life would be easier in some Run ways without the complications from his injury, Connor insists that despite having instances where I wish I didnt have the struggles that a brain injury brings, I am very thankful for what it has given me, and I wouldnt change a thing.Remember, rememberThe 10th of April,Reincarnation, A second chance at hand.6 The Noggin | 2020vol 5issue 2'