b'TIPS for Surviving the Summer of COVID-19 with a Brain InjuryBY DR. JAYCIE LOEWEN, PHD, MSCI, HETSC, WITH COGNITIVE FXThe COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have created challenges for people across the world. This is, perhaps, especially true for traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors and their caregivers who are already dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional consequences of brain injury (Wilson et al., 2017). While some TBI survivors may initially find followingin lifestylesuch as being on the computer more for work, COVID-19 restrictions not too different from their dailyhomeschooling the kids, or experiencing restricted access to lives, effects on psychological health, relationships withsocial support or medical providerswill affect the ability family and friends, and lifestyle patterns can have noticeableto manage TBI-related symptoms. It may be more difficult and long-term consequences (Jimenez-Pavon et al., 2020).to stick with healthy coping methods for stress and continue In this article, we are going to address some of the biggestfostering personal relationships. In addition, quarantine can issues COVID-19 and the quarantine may be causing TBIlead to less physical activity and time outdoors, causing an survivors (especially during the summer season) and giveincrease in feelings of isolation and depression. Important-tips on how to manage those issues.ly, the effects COVID-19 will have on physical and mental COVID-19 has already had published effects on physical,health may last longer than the epidemic itself (Holmes et mental, and emotional health (Holmes et al., 2020; Qiu etal., 2020). The summer of 2020 will present many unique al., 2020). These effects not only come from the threat ofchallenges; however, there are several strategies you can the viral infection, but also from changes to how we live ourlearn, implement, and maintain to support symptom man-lives. For TBI survivors and their caregivers, these changesagement and overall health (See Figure 1 Strategies). 18 The Noggin | 2020vol 5issue 2'