b'diligently breathing exercises, reading, balance exercises, etc. This resulted in rehabilitation that could lead to a fully independent life at home.Neuro RehabCare is a Rollins was impressed with his quick progress. His situation rapidly jumped from catastrophic to function- comprehensive and com-al, she said. Because of his upbeat attitude, he wanted tomunity-based post-acute do more and the OTs were thrilled to oblige him with abrain and spinal cord unique solution. rehabilitation residential Mike likes building classic cars, Rollins noticed. Tocare facility focused on help-prep him for his return to his former life, we got plantering individuals attain the highest boxes so he could plant a garden. Working with his handslevel of personal and social independence was very important to him and he was very proud of this.in order to improve and maximize their So were we. quality of life.The big test before being Mike could be released, though, was ensuring he could navigate the real world. Since manyThe Residential Program is led by the people with brain injuries have trouble with altered thoughtComprehensive Treatment Team, which processes, it was important he develop and test a real-worldassess, evaluates, and plans based on scenario to show he was ready. an individuals needs. Residents undergo So, Mike created a field trip, where he planned and exe- intensive therapy from a team of licensed cuted an outing to Chase Field in Phoenix, which includedtherapists in a positive, healthy environ-taking a bus and light rail to get to the stadium and back.ment. Direct support staff work side-by-With his therapists at his side, the trek was a breeze, evenside with a therapist to implement learned with the minor hiccup of when they all missed one of theirskills, strategies, and techniques as part buses. It was no big deal. We just took the next bus, saidof the Individualized Neuro Rehabilitation Mike in his typical understated fashion.plan. Individuals participate in a variety But to his team, it represented a much more important voyage. Im inspired by adults overcoming obstacles, ex- of therapeutic, social, recreational, and plained Lasky. We like to be part of their stories and thecommunity-based activities designed to trust they put in you. Its so rewarding to see their progress. promote community reintegration and ap-Rollins added, well never forget Mike Tucker. plying learned skills in a social setting. The goal of post-acute Neuro Rehabilitation is to utilize every resource possible to assist each individual to attain their highest level of functional and social independence to enhance their quality of life.Read more Survivor Stories.https://www.biaaz.org/brainwaves-blogMike is all smiles with his dedicated speech and occupational therapists13 The Noggin | 2020vol 5issue 2'