b'ON the HORIZONDear Reader,welcome to Volume 5, Issue 2 of The Noggin. SinceIN THIS ISSUEthe last edition of our beloved e-Zine, so much of the world has changed as we know it. These times were currently experiencing have been dubbed uncertain, troubling, and everything in between. At this point, were allConnor LaPlantrunning out of ways to describe how COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all our lives.Rides the Long Road to In spite of everything, though, were happy and grateful the Brain Injury AllianceRecovery and Self-Discoveryof Arizona (BIAAZ) has been able to continue providing Resource Facilitation via phone, email, postal mail, and social media. We have been fortunate that many ofPage 4our programs and services, including our Rays of Hope Conference, survivor and caregiver support groups, trainings, educational classes, and more, have been ableCAREGIVER CORNER to make a fairly smooth transition to a virtual platform.We would love for you toQ & A with Bob Millsap & join us for these wonderful online events. Registration is required, which can beDonna ODonnell Figurskidone by visiting our website, biaaz.org, or by calling us at 1-888-500-9165.While living through a pandemic has been undeniably stressful, it has alsoPage 8allowed us individually and collectively to reflect on the things in life that truly matter, including the ways our societys current systems impact minority groups.How Brain Injury Survivor Mike At the BIAAZ, we support the black men and women and allies who, inspired byTucker Utilized His Strengths the unjust death of George Floyd and other persons of color, have been bravelyto Drive His Own Recoveryadvocating for racial equality at both the local and national levels. Black Lives DO Matter, and by acknowledging and educating ourselves on the realities of systemicPage 12racism, we can demonstrate this ideal in both word and action.As The Noggins editor, I hope the stories in this issue provide you with the same feelings of hope and encouragement that they did for me. Our cover story featuresTHE NOGGIN PRESENTSthe indomitable poet, Tucson Concussion Run participant, and brain injury survivorProfiles of InterestConnor LaPlant, who recounts his road to recovery after a brutal dirt bike accident.Page 15Youll have the chance to visit our Caregiver Corner to read tips from those who help look after their loved ones with brain injuries, as well as brush up on your cooking skills with our resident Chef, Steve Norton. Danielle Skranak, Miss GilbertTHE CEREBRAL CHEF2020, is our Profile of Interest spotlight, and our guest article by Dr. Jaycie LoewenServing Up Food for Thoughtwith Cognitive FX looks at how survivors can keep their cool during the summerPage 17of COVID-19. Additionally, youll get to meet former Neuro RehabCare Resident Mike Tucker, and Tucson-based Operating Room RN Chris Lopez. Id like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed by writing orTIPS for Surviving sharing their stories for this issue, as well as to those who support the great work ofthe Summer of COVID-19 the BIAAZ, whether as a donor, sponsor, volun- with a Brain Injury teer, or friend. We love what we do, and your helpPage 18allows us to do it. Now, on to what youve all been waiting for some light cerebral humor! Q: WhatHealth Care Providers kind of photos do brains post on social media? A:Caring for Brain Injury Cell-phies! Happy reading, and remember to stayPatients An Operating safe, and be good to each other out there. Room RNs PerspectiveCheers, Page 22Brittany Sweeney-LawsonBrittany Sweeney-Lawson |The Noggin Editor 3The Noggin | 2020vol 5issue 2'