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We provide free information packets for people with brain injuries and their family members. However, a donation of $5.00 per packet is appreciated if you're able to help us cover our printing, handling, and postage costs (make your check out to the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona). We charge professionals $5.00—$25.00 per packet to cover our printing, handling, and postage costs.

Our current list of information packets includes:

  • Assistive Living — A list of facilities in your area
  • Basic Packet — Information about BIAAZ and TBI facts
  • Behavior Issues — Facts, problems, solutions, behavioral programs available
  • Coma — Facts, definitions, coma scales, what to expect, and available programs
  • Doctors/Medical Personnel — How to talk with your doctor, definitions of medical specialties, and a list of specialists
  • Education — Current laws, issues, methods of teaching, Individual Education Plans (IEP), and special education
  • Employment/Vocational Issues — Employee rights, guidelines for employers, and vocational programs
  • Financial Assistance — Where to go for help and useful resources in your community
  • Legal Assistance — Legal issues, how and when to obtain legal help, a list of attorneys
  • Mild Brain Injury/Concussion — Definitions, facts, what to expect, impact on life, resource lists
  • Rehabilitation Facilities — What to look for and expect, a list of facilities in your area of need

Call our Infoline at (602) 323-9165 or (888) 500-9165 (toll-free) if you would like an information packet.